• bar cafe
    Bar - Cafe

    Near the pool area there is a bar-café, which is a point to get together all our campers and all visitors of the general area. We are open from early in the morning - for breakfast and coffee, till late at night for a unique relaxed night out with coctails.

  • Μίνι-Μάρκετ
    Mini - Market

    In the mini-market someone can find all the essentials, food and accommodations.

  • Ασύρματο Ιντερνετ
    Wireless Internet

    Providing free wireless internet for our guests for emails, search for information and videocalls.

  • Αίθουσα Τηλεόρασης
    TV Room

    Quiet room with a TV for a pleasant passing of your time.

  • Κοινόχρηστα Ψυγεία - Καταψύκτες
    Shared Refrigerators - Freezers

    Easy access to a refrigerator and freezer for our campers, on the camp.

  • Πλυντήριο Ρούχων

    Easy to wash clothes for our campers, on the camp.

  • Μαγειρεία - Κουζίνα

    Easy cooking for our campers, on the camp.

  • Χώρο Εκκένωσης Χημικής Τουαλέτας
    Disposal Area for Chemical Toilets

    Easy cleaning of chemical toilet for our campers, on the camp.

  • Ηλεκτρικό ρεύμα
    Electricity per Camp Tent

    Easy access to an AC outlet near your location.

  • Πισίνα
    Olympic - Size Pool

    One of the largest and cleanest pools in the region available for the use of visitors and campers of camping Proti.